Salamat Khan, 63, along Son, Accused of making Life Hell for 8 Daughters and Wife in Oldham

Salamat Khan, 63, and his son Abbas Khan, 34, of Oldham, accused of making life hell for his daughters and wife for adopting western lifestyle.

Salamat and his wife Zahida Begum, who have been married for 50 years, and parents to 9 children, moved to the UK from their native Pakistan in 1979.

Salamat had already married off 3 of his daughters to selected spouses but his other two daughters, Bushra and Ishiat refused to enter into arranged marriages. They secretly dated the men in UK and married by their own choice.

Salamat Khan and his son did not approve the marriage and announce both sister are dead for them. He inflicted a campaign of controlling psychological abuse upon his other daughters.

He vowed to instill a ‘traditional’ upbringing on two other unmarried daughters who wanted to lead a Westernised lifestyle.

He refused to let Madina Khan and Maryha Khan go out in the evening or meet their friends and made then cook and clean for him and made them fell they were ‘living in a prison’.

He also demanded to transfer properties in the name of his only son Abbas. A violent argument broke out when Abbas demanded one of the properties to be transferred to his name, so he could facilitate his own wife emigrating to the UK.

Police were called to the Khan’s family home in Oldham, Mrs Begum, a housewife told the hearing at Manchester magistrates court, how her 3 elder daughter wed in Pakistan under arranged marriage. But two others Bushra and Ishiat married other Muslim men who were not ”arranged” for them.

She told, “My husband was angry after Bushra and Ishiat married by their own, my husband and my son were angry and upset. I am not allowed to meet up with them, but I can speak to both of my daughter on the phone’.

On June 17th an argument erupted after both father and son demanded me to transfer a property to Abbass’s name. During the argument, my son Abbas punch me but I deflected it and that’s when the cabinet came off the wall. He also threaten his sister to killer her more than once.

She told, She wanted her daughters to fall in love with the men of their dreams, get married and be happy, and she supports the fact her daughters wish to have a more Westernised lifestyle.

‘But that lifestyle of not supported by Mr Khan and son who instill a more traditional lifestyle for them.

Both Salamat and Abbas deny engaging in controlling.

case continue…