Safi Ullah,31, and Israr Ahmed, 24, Jailed for £1.3 million Fraud in Manchester

Safi Ullah Malik, 31, resident of of Pytha Fold Road, Withington and Israr Ahmed, 24, resident of of Martindale Crescent, Longsight, both netted £1.3 million after ordering huge quantities of wholesale goods using false identities, both fraudsters are jailed Manchester Crown Court.

Both hijacked the identities of businesses and ordered alcohol, food, soft drinks and other items from suppliers across the UK. The items were then sold on to pre-arranged buyers

Both took advantage of the credit card system used by businesses, to order goods, arranged arranged hauliers to the collect goods and delivered them across Manchester.

Both admitted their crime and were sentenced at Manchester Crown Court. Safi Ullah Malik was jailed for 2 and a half years. Israr Ahmed was jailed for 2 years.

Fraud Investigation team of GMP, targeted both men and arrests them for committing 90 frauds to the value of £1.3 million.

Superintendent from GMP’s Serious Crime Division said, stolen products lead to companies losing business, prices going up and normal people losing their jobs. We are helping companies to understand the risks that fraudsters pose and encouraging them to treat £40,000 worth of goods in the same way a company would treat £40,000 worth of cash.

Original News Source: MEN