Rural Health Center Chakswari consulted the citizens to get their vote in their favor

Chakswari (9th September2014) The MS of RHC Chakswari is making attempts to get news in his favor and has contacted many prominent personalities for this purpose by telephone.

According to details, yesterday it was printed in the Dail ‘Shaheen’ that despite the emergency implemented in the whole of Azad Kashmir the MS of RHC Chakswari was absent and his phone was also switched off. Due to his absence the dead body recovered from Mangla Dam was buried without a Post mortem.

After the printing of this news the MS RHC Chakswari is contacting various personalities to get in his good word and has made an excuse of death of his Maternal Uncle as an explanation of his absence. Whereas in reality the burial of the maternal uncle of MS RHC Chakswari was carried out 5 days ago, whereas he was absent from the RHC since Saturday and his phone was also switched off.

After the contact of DHO Chakswari he came to center in the afternoon of Sunday and stayed till evening.
The public sector of Chakswari said that the MS is supported by some officers of Health Department and therefore no action has been taken against him. Negligent MS has pushed RHC Chakswari to the mouth of destruction.