Rohman, 46, and Kamal Raham, 54, found guilty of supplying “Turkey” as “Lamb Meat”

Mahmudur Rohman, 46, of Rothbart Way, Peterborough and Kamal Rahman, 54, of Derby Drive, Peterborough who supplied over 100 tonnes of turkey by claiming it was halal lamb have been found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud. Both of them were convicted at Leicester Crown Court. They will be sentenced on 11 April.

Leicestershire Food Safety team revealed meat being supplied to businesses as lamb was in fact turkey.

Mahmudar Rohman who was running Dutch Bangla Ltd, as director in Peterborough sold Meat to butchers, wholesalers and restaurants in and around Leicestershire and as far as Middlesbrough and Portsmouth as Halal Meat, for consumption by Muslims.

They also seized a forged certificate which said the meat had been certified as “halal”. The company made a profit between £300,000 and £400,000 between January 2013 and October 2014.

Mahmudur Rohman, 46, of Rothbart Way, Peterborough was found guilty of selling food not of the nature and labeling food wrongly fro sale.

Father and Son Mohammed Anwarul Hoque, 56, key sales and delivery manager for Dutch Bangla and his son Mohammed Zunaid Hoque, 35, assisted his father in establishing customers and supplying them with meat, both of Uplands Road in Leicester, were cleared of fraud.

Original News Source:BBC