Robbers raid homes in the dead of the night- Chowk Sahabah

Robbers forced entry into Saeed Tashkeel Hussain Shah’s house in the dead of the night and stole their motorbike.

Tashkeel Hussain had gone to Muzaffarabad that fateful night. His son Saeed Rakeeb Hussain Shah, as per routine woke up the next morning 6:00 am sharp for collage. He tried to open the gate but it wouldn’t yield. Thinking that it was jammed, pushed harder until it finally opened Turns out the door had been closed using a rope. Taking a quick survey of the house he realized that their old run down motorbike was missing.

Rakeeb quickly phoned his dad and informed him of the burglary. The later in turn told the senior minter who advised the police to get to the bottom of this matter as soon as possible. The police managed to hunt down the criminals in mere hours and the stolen item was recovered.

Did the robber know that Saeed Tashkeel would be out of town or was that just a lucky coincidence? Was it an inside job or just a random burglary? We are yet to know exactly why the burglar targeted Tashkeel’s house and praise the police on their quick work.