Robbers looted Jewelry worth £12,000 from Shazia Nazir’s House, in Riddlesden

3 robbers armed with knives entered at parental house of 38 years Shazia Nazir, they attacked children Ismaeel, 17, Ibrahim, 13 and Abyan, 12, to steal jewlry from house, while their parents were out of house.

When family members got back to house, robbers got out of a window and ran off in the Hospital Road direction.

Mrs Shazia Nazir, 38, told she left her jewelry worth about £12,000, at her parents house as some renovation work was being in progress at her own home.

Shazia Nazir told her jewellery was a wedding gift. Friends of mine are already selling their jewellery and a few are now using costume jewellery for weddings.

The same evening, Shaiza’s cousin Ajmal Aslam’s house in Grange Crescent, Riddlesden, was also burgled. Who asked the other community members to keep their money and valuables in the bank or rent safety deposit boxes.

West Yorkshire Police are looking for 3 white males who are described with local accents and all of them were dressed in Addidas tracksuits in connection with robbery at the Newlyn Road raid which took place at 7.30pm.

Police urged witnesses to came forward or should ring police on 101.