Robbers Looted iPhone 5s from Pregnant Lady Fatima Bibi, 36 in Oldham

Two robbers burst into the house Fatima Bibi, 36, on Kew Road in Oldham, Greater Manchester, looking for valuables at around 7.30pm last Friday. Fatima Bibi is mother-of-four children and is pregnant and was due to give birth on Wednesday to her baby girl.

Fatima Bibi’s husband Mohammed Saleem was at work, while she was with her children, Mohammed, 13, Hasnain, 8, Hooria, 6, and Asra, 5, when they heard a knock at the door.

Her children opened the door but they screamed out loudly after they saw tow masked men on door. One robber who was holding a big knife dragged 6 years old Hooria from neck and bring her to upstairs, followed by another masked robber.

When both came up, they hold Fatima Bibi and one of them put knife on her stomach and asked “Pregnant lady, I’m going to kill you. Tell me quickly, where’s your safe, where’s your money”. The other robber who was hold 6 years old Horria, put knife on her neck and asked for money.

Then the robber who hold knife on Fatima Bibi’s stomach start searching in the bedroom. Robber holding 6 years old girl took both mother and girl to downstairs in the living room and wave knife on all kids and threaten them not to make noise.

Mother of 4 children begged robbers not to hurt children and told then she don’t have any safe and don’t have any money or jewelry.

Then the other person finished searching and then came down and said “let’s go”. They took Fatima Bibi’s iPhone 5s as they could not found any money or jewelry from home.

Detectives have released CCTV footage of two white men approaching the house.