River Jehlum Changing its course, outskirts of Khari Shareef in Danger of Drowning

Jehlum river is said to be changing its course, and heading towards the outskirts of  Khari Shareef.

They are saying that river Jehlum is changing its course, and it might drown areas such as Ganda Sarwani, Qazi Chak, and Barsali. The local residents of these areas are panicked, and have started moving their houses.

The district government does not seem to be interested in the matter, and the locals are facing many challenges due to the news.

The locals have lost their sleep over it, and are living in constant fear.

The outskirt areas that might drown along with Ganda Sarwani, Qazi Chak, and Barsali are Chak Rupa, Baryal, Golara, and other villages around Jehlum River.

Concerned personnel do not care, as they are watching in silence as the locals are up and about to save their lives.