Rising school fees bankrupt citizens-Education a luxury or necessity?

The small town of Mirpur, home to many reputed educational institutes is serving to bankrupt citizens as we know it.

Many institutes that are not even formally register with Board of Education not only exist but also strive in Mirpur. Many school building are contaminated and unhygienic that students are always prone to variety of infections. To make matters worse the schools are now charging exorbitant fees under the guise of Registration fee, Examination fee etc. on top of monthly fee.

This is not a new practice. These institutes have been pillaging the families of students for ages now. The local community is very distressed and helpless in this matter. Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir and Secretary Education Azad Kashmir have been called upon to address these issues and relive the citizens from this burden. Even the stringent criticism leveled at these institutions through newspapers, TV had no impact.

It is hoped that serious action by those in power will finally relieve people of this burden.