Residents of Mirpur are eating meat unattested by doctors

Mirpur (28th August,2014 Bureau Report) Due to gradual increase in Public Complaints, our Team Inspected the Municipal Corporation’s Butcher House, early in the morning, to check the authenticity of the news of absence of doctors, resulting in running of butchers. It was proven in the inspection that the along with the Municipal Health Officer, The Government Doctor, responsible for official stamping of both beef and mutton meat is absent since Eid Holidays.

The stamps are in possession of the Butchers themselves who after slaughtering their animal stamp their meat by themselves as well and in market, the public buys this meat on basis of their trust. Due to the Negligence and intentional carelessness of doctor, which can also be seen as involvement, has resulted in the sale of meat of sick animals in the market which is now at its peak. As a result, the citizens are forced to eat meat of sick and weak animals.

According to details, the sick animals are brought not only from Mirpur but majority are from Punjab and are suffering from multiple diseases. The Butchers slaughter these animals without any reverence. This practice began from Eid-ul Fitar. Some butchers also show their special relations with doctor while attesting the meat on fake stamps. Moreover, it has also come to light the doctors is taking Rs.50/- as bribe for each fake stamp.

Also the sanitation conditions in Slaughter house were deplorable. The intestines and other remainders are poured in the ditch that ultimately empties in Mangla Dam. The Public Sectors of Mirpur are demanding from the Deputy Commissioner Mirpur to take immediate notice of the sick meat being sold in the Mirpur City Markets and punish the negligent doctors and charge them under the Special Power Act.