Resident of Mirpur who was Deported from Spain died in Lahore Jail

36 years old Tasswar Iqbal s/o Muhammad Iqbal resident of Bhurken village in Mirpur deal with Visa Agent to settle him in Spain.

Father of 4 children Tasswar Iqbal wanted to have good life and earn a handsome amount for his children and family. Agent agreed to give him Visa of Spain in 15 Lack Rupees. Half amount before visa and half after he will reach to Spain.

Agent took him to Liberia where he spend 6 months, after that agent give him a fake visa to Spain. When he reached to Spain, Immigration officer deported him from Spain airport to Lahore, Pakistan.

At Lahore airport FIA officers handed him over to Lahore Police who informed his family in Mirpur and demanded 15 Lack Rupees for his bail.

His family was arranging money but during this time Tasswar Iqbal had a heart Attack in Lahore Jail, he was taken to hospital. After 2 days he was taken to jail from hospital. Last day he was not feeling well again, this time police did not paid attention and this time he died of heart attack in Jail.

Police informed his family, when news broke in family every 1 become sad. Family demanded a fair trial and justice as FIA and Police demanded a huge amount which caused him heart attack.