Relief should be provided to recover the losses faced by Land Sliding in New City Sector B, Action Forum

Mirpur (8th September2014) Young Action Forum met the Commissioner for Mangla Dam Works for providing relief to recover the losses due to landsliding in New City Sector B.

The President Young Action Forum Raja Tasleem Anjum, Supervisor Raja Maroof, General Secretary Young Action Forum Sardar Ateeq Ahmed Sadwazai, the Central Leader Young Action Forum Contractor Mohammad Rafique, Senior Vice President Asif Baig, Vice President Raja Aslam, Vice President Khan Maroof Khan, Central Leader Malik Iftikhar, Malik Bashir, Malik Munir, Raja Yasir, Haji Sagheer and others were present in the meeting.

Due to Land sliding in Sector B there is a danger of loss of Millions of Rupees. The President Young Action Forum said that the house of Haji Saghir has been severely damaged by it, and hence the wall should be built again and the losses should be paid as well and there is a danger of the houses of Master Farooq and others will be affected by it, hence, the relief works should be initiated immediately.

Commissioner Mangla Dam Works after consultation with DG has assured of initiation of relief works in one or two days and has also promised the repayment for losses.