Reconstruction of Earthquake affected areas; cheating of huge amount of money; MQM asked for investigations

Muzaffarabad: Earth quake, 8 Oct, 2005, was one of the most terrible earth quakes in the history of Pakistan. Dishonesty and cheating is going on with the money, raised for reconstruction of affected areas. Thousands and crores of rupees have been taken by the politicians and governments for their own benefits. It has been 10 years since the earth quake occurred and construction of those areas has still not completed.

M. Tahir Khokhar, from Azad Kashmir Assembly, while talking to the media, said that it has been 10 years, funds had been raised from all over the world and schools have not been rebuilt, medical institutes and even roads are still under construction. He asked for the refund of all that money that politicians and governments have taken. He said that all these politicians instead of helping the earth quake victims, took the money and went to Islamabad and other cities to get settled. Tons of food and other things got wasted and thrown into rivers but not given to the victims.
He said that deep investigations needs to be done and all the money that these corrupt politicians have taken should be refunded and used for the reconstruction of affected areas, schools, building and roads. He also said that MQM would keep reminding the government and responsible authorities to take some action regarding this problem, at every forum and in every way possible.