Recent Rains ruined road in Mirpur

The recent rains in Mirpur have put a question mark on the performance of government. The city roads including Mian Mohammad Town are like ruins. The concerned authorities instead of doing patchwork are filling the craters with mud. Whereas it is damaging the public cars. PM Azad Kashmir is demanded to take strict notice of the negligence of authorities.

According to details, no patchwork or repair work of roads was done since last year. To deceive the public, the craters were filled with mud which was washed away by the recent rains, resulting in the present ruined condition of the roads.

It seems that there is no authority responsible for the repair of roads in Mirpur, Whereas on the other hand every year the government issues development funds worth millions of rupees to the department of avenues as the amount is for repair and construction of roads is fixed in the budget.

Similarly the hundreds of employees of the department take their salary in lacs with zero performance. The people of Mirpur have demanded from the PM Azad Kashmir to pay immediate attention to the repairs of roads in the highest tax paying city and take strict action against the negligent and incompetent authorities.