Reality behind arresting Khan Zafar in Dadyal

Dadyal the reality behind arresting Zafar khan revealed. Khurram Shahzad Bhatti and Ch. Abdul Manaf, while addressing a press conference in Dadyal press club said that they left Peoples Party because of Aqeel Mughal. Zafar Khan had nothing to do with this; he did not force them or threaten them.

They said that they went to zafar khan with their free will; Aqeel Mughal is telling a lie that they were being threatened. Aqeel Mughal presented two applications to Zafar Khan that he wants to join PTI by his free will. They also had dinner with Zafar Khan at his place.

They said that Aqeel Mughal had a plan of joining PTI temporarily and now he wants to rejoin PPP and want khurram shahzad and abdul manaf to join him. But they refused to do so by saying that they have given their word to zafar khan and they will not leave PTI now. They told the press that Aqeel Mughal has false accusations against Khan Zafar.