Real Story of Police Constable who Tried to Commit Suicide in Mirpur

Police Constable Muhammad Waheed resident of Muzaffarabad tried to commit suicide, by shooting himself. Muhammad Waheed accused Police Officers for suicidal thoughts and attempt suicide. He says police officers has affected his domestic life, his case for custody of children is ongoing in court but police officers handed over children to this ex wife.

Police Constable Muhammad Waheed

Police Constable Muhammad Waheed

Police constable Muhammad Waheed transferred Dadyal Police station in 2009 and remain appointed for 6 years. During this period of time, Constable Muhammad Waheed established links with Wood Smugglers, Drug Dealer, and Brothel Houses owners and earned a lot of illegal money. He also fall in love with a girl from Gujrat and married her.

People of Dadyal gathered and a delegation met with SSP Irfan Saleem to complain about illegal activities of Waheed. Upon which SSP Irfan Saleem warned him to transfer him in his native home town Muzaffarabad as there are too many complains against you.

Constable Muhammad Waheed used all of his sourced to get he transfer back in Dadyal but failed and during this time, he had clashes with his wife which ended in Divorce. Constable Waheed sent his children of ages 1 and 2 years old and sent the to Karachi. But his ex wife appeared in Police station and demanded to get back her children. Upon which DIG Mirpur ordered to recover children and and handed over them to the mother.

Constable Waheed who was appointed some other place, insist to transfer him to Dadyal and did not join his duty or appear on his newly appointed police station, for which he was punished by police department.

It was then he shoot himself in leg to get attention of media and police officers to get their sympathies to transfer him back in Dadyal.