Real Nephew Turns out to be the Enemy of his British National Real Uncle

Real uncle spent his lifetime taking care of his real nephew, while he was playing his uncle all this time.

He played a huge game just to get in the good graces of his uncle. Fazal Hussain, turned about to be a British con

Chaudary Muhammed Aurnagzeb, from Fakhira Town, resident of UK made his story public when talking to journalists.

According to news, Ch Mohammed Aurangezeb helped his nephew Fazal Hussain by calling him to UK, and help him settle down.

Fazal Hussain, started a business by the name of Nina Coach, and he added three partners in his business. Sikandar son of Chaudary Murat, Musarat son of Haji Butta, and Asif son of Haji Fazal were all business partners.

Fazal Hussain got greedy, and decided to close down the business. He told his partners that he will pay them 1 lack 24 thousand Pounds each. They were all promised 25 thousand pounds at the beginning of the matter, and he promised to pay back the rest later.

He refused to pay them any more, and returned to Pakistan.

Here in Pakistan all his family elders sat together and discussed the matter, when they pressurized him he paid his partners 15 thousand pounds each. After that he refused to pay them again, during that time Fazal Husain parked his Vigo car at his uncles, and ran to UK.

His partners stole his car and asked for their money back. Fazal Hussain, came back to Pakistan and threatened his uncle that he will link him to a car robbery case.

Ch Mohammed Aurangzeb, called all his neighbors in a local hotel and on the demand of the local elders his partners returned his car back.

This is when Fazal Hussain though of another con to save his reputation. He filed a case in the police, and claimed they have gotten his car back. So he does not have to explain his bad deeds.

Fazal Hussain’s younger brother also has a criminal record.