Real Brothers grabbed property of their British Sister in Chakswari

70 years old Aasia BB deprived of property and wealth by her real brothers in Chakswari and got life threats by them and their children.

Aasia BB who is settled with her children in Birmingham ages ago and cut off her and her children expenses in UK to Financial support her brothers in back home Chakswari, Pakistan, today they are giving life threats to her and her children and nominated her in different FIRs.

Poor old lady requested IG Police Azad Kashmir to provide her justice or else she will protest in Islamabad in front of parliament.

She Further advised to all British Pakistani Citizens especially women never to trust anyone in back home Pakistan, not even their real brothers or sisters to avoid any major loss in future.

According to details, Asia BB resident of Thekrian village of Chakswari, Mirpur who is a British citizen and lives in Birmingham UK from decades, two year back when she came to Pakistan and gave 10 Lack Rupees to her brother Aashiq Hussain to buy a car for her. Being a women she trusted her real brother and left over all paper work up to him, but he registered car on his own name. When she came to know about it, her brothers registered FIR against her and also occupied on her house in Chakswari.

Further they have threaten her and also threaten her children in UK, that, if they came to Pakistan they will kill them too. Poor lady is knocking doors of courts to get justice.