Raja Zahid Aslam, and girl from Samani found in a Socially Unacceptable manner, in Mirpur

Police arrested a couple after raid on a house in Sector F3.

Samani, Raja Zahid Aslam, son of Moahmmed Aslam, tricked a village girl, and promised to marry her. He ruined her life by promising her a secure future with him.

Tothal Police called a raid on a house in Mirpur Sector F3, and found the couple in a socially unacceptable manner.

Raja Zahir Aslam, and the girl were arrested and brought to the station for questioning. During questioning the police uncovered that the Raja Zahir promised to marry the girl, and brought her with to Mirpur.

He kept her in a bubble, and they became intimate after he promised to marry her.

Police called a raid, and arrested them as they were found in an unacceptable manner.

There was a medical report constructed, after which the case was filed.