Qamar Talib joins PTI along with his hundred of supporters

Islamgarh, Former Azad Kashmir Prime Minister and President PTI Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Ch says that Ch Majeed is still shocked by his defeat in By-elections. Today Islamgarh Chalswari public has also declared their distrust on Ch Majeed’s government. Chakswari people are honourable, having a historical prospective so they cannot elect someone as corrupt as Majeed.

PTI will win the next general election from Chakswari. Majeed’s government has been caught in the whirlwind of PTI’s tsunami. The one who steps of his ship will be able to survive. These views were expressed by Barrister Sultan Mahmood as he addressed a huge procession in Islamgarh.

He was welcomed by thousands of people as he approached the venue. The supporters of PTI kept dancing and singing the party songs. They showered rose petals on Barrister Sulyan Mahmood as he arrived.

During the procession Qamar Talib along with his hundred of followers announced to join PTI. PTI Azad Kashmir Cheif Organiser Ch Zafar Anwar congratulated Barrister Sultan Mahmood on the organisation of the event and said PTI will completely dominate the next election and strongly condemned the unannounced load shedding.