PTI will go around hiding their faces after Supreme Court gives out a final verdict, said Chaudhry Mohammad Syed

PTI’s Celebrations are temporary, as Supreme Court of Pakistan’s final decision will shut them up once and for all.

PTI will be going around hiding their faces once Supreme Court of Pakistan declare that their case against Khawaja Saad Rafique is baseless.

Chaudhry Mohammad Syed, a PML-N leader and industrialist from Azad Kashmir, claims that PTI will be hiding their faces after the Supreme Court of Pakistan gives out a final verdict on NA-125’s rigging case.

Just because the election tribunal decided to retrial it, it does not mean the Supreme Court of Pakistan will do the same.

Khawaja Saad Rafique has won his seat fairly, and Imran Khan is just creating propagandas as that is what he does best.

Imran Khan and his party should not celebrate just yet, as they will need to hide their faces later.

PML-N is the party the youth of Pakistan needs, and they need to see eye to eye with them to help our country prosper.

There is no doubt that PML-N will win the next elections in Azad Kashmir, under the leadership of Raja Farooq Haider. And he will set an exemplary political era in the history of Azad Kashmir.

The party will use all its resources towards the Kashmir Movement, and Azad Kashmir will be made the base camp.

He concluded by saying that the Kashmir Issue will be solved in PML-N’s era.