Protests held in Mirpur against Imran Khan and Qadari

President PML(N) Raja Farooq Haider held a protest against the few people participating in the fake drama taking place in Islamabad and in favor of Democratic PM Pakistan. Extreme slogans were raised against Imran Khan and Qadri and the protestors vowed to stand on call of Nawaz Sharif.The enthusiasm of protestors was worth watching.

They further mocked that in Gaza the in-laws of Imran Khan are killing innocents and here he himself is playing games with peolpe’s minds and divert their focus from Palestine Issue and provoke them to take unconstitutional steps. How can the people brought up on foriegn donations be loyal to Pakistan? The golden steps taken up by the PM Nawaz sharif has forced the enemies into action. Pakistan’s economic progress cannot be sabotaged by sit-in and marches.

Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri should be ashamed of their defeated agenda. They have only promoted vulgarity through their tricks and tarnished the Islamic Image of the country. The people of Pakistan rejected them through elections and by boycotting their marches have rejected them again. Those who want to conquer Parliament House should now that we may be civilized but the day we stood up then such lousy container contained leaders will have no place to hide.
The protest was attended by Chairman Professional Board PML(N) Dr. Ameen Ch., President PML(N) Lawyers Forum Shuja Haider Lodhi, President Ward LA 3 Khawaja MUnir Loon,City President Raja Tasleem Anjum, President PML(N) Trade Wing Khawaja Rashid Siddiq and others to show their support to PM Nawaz Sharif .

The Senior Vice President PML(N) Ch Muzzamil, Contractor Saleem, Ch Naveed, Shafiq Ahmed, Raja Zaheer, Asif Baig, Raja Ilyas, Waseem Baig, Istiaq Mughal, Raja Zohaib, Central Vice Chairman Trading Zahid Khan, Khaliq Mahmood Dar, Malik Arshad,Malik Azmat, Farooq Uz Zaman, Mansoor Haider Lodhi, Amar Ayub Advocate, Sohail fahim Advocate, Raja Zafar bilal latif, Mohammad Ehtisham, Jahngir Mughal, Rizwn Mughal, Khawaja Tahir, Mohammad Faisal, Mohsin Jaral, Shafiq Mughal, Raja Iqbal, Mirza Basharat and large number of supporters attended the protests.