Protest in Bradford after Yassar Yaqub, 28 was Shot Dead by Police

Around 100 angry demonstrators sparked a protest which began in Leeds Road this evening at around 6.30pm but spread down to the Shipley Airedale Road after Yassar Yaqub, 28, from Crossland Moor, was shot dead by a West Yorkshire Police firearms officer during a planned police operation at Junction 24 of the M62 motorway on Monday night.

Many wore scarves to hide their identity as they hurled abuse at the officers while vehicles sounded their horns.

Protesters were wearing scarves to hide their faces and were shouting abuse and waving home-made banner on police officers. Later they spread on Shipley Airedale Road, Leeds Road, Wakefield Road and surrounding routes.

Protesters were holding banners, said:

We are here to let people know what goes on and to show we are upset about yesterday’s killing by the police.

Police had no proof he was a danger but they killed him.

Look at all these police and only one of them is Asian. Why is that?

RIOT police and police helicopter was also mobilized to facilitate a peaceful protest and to provide public reassurance.  

Bradford West MP Naz Shah, said she was going to speak to West Yorkshire Police’s chief superintendent to discuss the protest while MP Imran Hussain, was unable to be reach.

Original News Source : T&A