Propaganda by Biased Media on Yassar Yaqub Murder in Huddersfield UK

All in all, what comprised of the string of “exposé” articles were repeated lies, nonsense extrapolations and comments masquerading as journalism.

Many News Channels and News websites say, he sold drugs, he had guns and he was a thug. Simple.

When one of your family members gets shot and killed then we will see how you respond, it won’t be nice when the tables turn you moron. The police indiscriminately fired at him without warning, he had a firearm in his car but he didn’t use it or brandish it did he? The others also had firearms, but they didn’t get fired at?

There are thousands of people that have firearms in London, you don’t see the police raiding their houses and killing them do you?

Asian people are so naive and gullible, you fail to see one side of the story hence you favour the police. When Raoul Moat was encircled by police, he was armed with firearm, the police didn’t shoot him, they asked him to drop the gun, he was white, hence they didn’t kill him, he killed himself, the person that was killed yesterday was Asian, the officers were white, so were the killers of Mark Duggan, Mark Duggan and Yaqub were not given any warning by the racist police, they were just executed on the spot, there is a bigger picture, but many of you are a bunch sheep who do not question anything apart from sticking to the official story because you are too dumb and gullible.

You’s are all saying this understand no man is evil over night – when you live within that life style it is easy our police forces up and down the uk say they use none leathal force but really they cover up there actions imagine if you were him and you had no gun you probably never had a previous for firearms – I don’t believe what the news papers tell me why because im not a brain washed pussy like the lot of yous theres having respect and dignity and theres becoming sheep and listening to the people who fund the drugs the gangs and the guns aswell as get rid of them – otherwise these people wouldnt exist why watch them and build up a mountain of evidence – when you could lock them up the first time round ask yourself that question the system is fucked and needs to be fixxed IMO

Ppl need to stop cussing the guy & let the man rip now ffs. Face book so fukin wah he sold drugs big deal . Still doesn’t give police the rights to put 3 bullets in the guy . Whilst he driving end of . He dint pull the gun out nothing . So at no point police was threatened fr there life they jus wanted him gone & found perfect opportunity to kill him . I hope this kicks of big now . Had no rights to tke his life !! If he aimed at police officer then yes but he didn’t . This is cold blooded Murder !!

He was still a human n a father n a son he didn’t deserve to be shot like that and killed!

The people you are saying he deserved it if you dig deep enough you’ll find a character like him in your own family. Imagine he was your family would you say it then that he deserved it. Respect the dead your not so pious yourself

At the end of the day the people that are most hurt are his immediate family, and they are the ones that are suffering, not me, or you! So i don’t know why everyone is talking bs the guy has passed away instead of praying for him your all pulling out the bad things about him. Who are we to even judge? Maybe one good deed of his was better than all of our good deeds then what? NOTHING CAN CHANGE WHAT HAS HAPPENED! So can you all leave it and get on with your lives! Peace (not here to offend anybody just stating the obvious)