Professor abuses a student- yet another scandal at Government College

Students after receiving permission from professor stepped outside the classroom. Upon returning Professor Raja Kharum and students had a small argument. Professor in a fit of rage started to hit the students using stones!

Their screams and yells alerted nearby staff. Principal Tufail Malik and other professors rushed to the scene. Family and relatives of the victims voiced their outrage to the Inquiry Committee. They informed the committee if no timely action is taken we shall take to the streets and protest there. They demanded that tyrant Raja Kharum to be banned entry into college.

The parent’s fear for the safety of their children is justified. No parent should have to send their beloved child off to schools all the time wondering if they will return in one piece.Schools are suppose to be a safe environment where children can develop their cognitive skills under the guidance of strained professionals. Schools were children are beaten by their professors is no place of learning.