Probe Finds Saad Amir Wanted To ‘Pregnant’ Maira Zulfiqar For Her British Citizen

A progress has been made in the investigation of the murder case of a Pakistani-British woman, Maira Zulfiqar, in Lahore as she had sought protection against life threats.

Probe Finds Saad Amir Attempted To 'Pregnant' Maira Zulfiqar For British Citizen
Probe Finds Saad Amir Attempted To ‘Pregnant’ Maira Zulfiqar For British Citizen

The investigation revealed that slain Pakistani-origin British citizen Maira Zulfiqar had sought protection from police 15 days before being allegedly murdered.

In an application submitted to the Defence police station, the slain woman expressed concerns about threats to her life and claimed that ‘Saad Amir had attempted multiple times to assault her’.

“Butt wanted to marry her as he was keen to get foreign nationality through this marriage. Upon her refusal, he allegedly shot her dead,” Police Assistant Superintendent Sidra Khan was quoted as saying by PTI.

She also stated that Saad Amir had allegedly taken her to Gulberg at gunpoint in a vehicle on April 20, however, she managed to save her from being assault after fleeing from the locality.

Maira Zulfiqar said in her application

that she was consistently receiving death threats from Saad Amir after the April 20 incident.

It emerged that Defence police had summoned Maira and Saad on April 27 for interrogation over his complaint, however, no action was taken by the local police to protect her.

It is pertinent to mention here that police officials arrested two suspects, Zahir Jadoon and Saad Amir Butt, who were friends with the slain woman, in connection with the murder incident.

Police had told the media that the Pakistani-British woman had landed in Pakistan along with a friend from the UK a few days ago. The woman was taken to her residence by her friends at Sehri time and later her dead body was found in the afternoon, police added.

The police while commenting on the matter had also said that they had arrested a roommate of the woman identified as Iqra.

A relative of Maira Zulfiqar had said that she was a citizen of the United Kingdom (UK) and her parents, who live abroad, would reach Pakistan soon.