Private Hospitals in Mirpur are looting people as if they are sparrows made out of gold

Mirpur, Private hospital are asking for double the fees than government hospitals in the area. They think that the locals pockets are filled with cash.

Concerned personnel should take notice of the matter, as 700 rupees for a checkup is too much to ask for. They are filling their own pockets by looting the patients.

The matter needs to be investigated, and the private hospitals should be answerable to someone.

A source tells us that their relative got a checkup at Rubina Mubashar hospital and they charged her 700 ruppes, the doctor asked her to come for a follow up next week. She did and was charged 500 rupees, which is unfair and unjust.

The hospital should have a fixed price that should be offered to all patients.

Zahid Hamid, said that doctors used to be a source of wellness, but they have turned into butchers. All they see is money, and they don’t even care if the patient has to sell their skin for it.

Politicians in Azad Kashmir, have turned into statues, and are only there to watch injustice happen.

Yes, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir is home to many overseas Pakistanis, but it is also the home of poor locals, who can hardly feed themselves twice a day.

District government needs to  investigate the matter and bring justice.