Pride of Mirpur SSP Raja Arfan Saleem returns after performing Umrah

SSP Raja Saleem has returned back home after performing Umrah. He had taken one week personal lave from work to perform Umrah. The local residents are happy with their SSP and are eager to share his happiness. They send their heart full congratulations to him.

Raja Saleem addressed the media saying he feels himself to be very blessed that Allah gave him a chance to preform Umrah and pay his homage at Allah’s house. Only those whom Allah desires is fortunate enough to visit his home for Umrah and Hajj. Money and time are not the only two obstacles, Allah’s blessing are also a requirement. He said he has no words to describe his visit. It was no doubt the most special trip in his lifetime.

Once again we send our send our congratulations and hope that every one of us, at least once in a lifetime, gets to visit Allah’s home.