Update : Waqas Hussain, 20, fighting for life after Hit by a Bus at Foleshill Road


Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’un
Waqas Hussain, 20, fighting for life after Hit by a Bus at Foleshill Road, Coventry has sadly passed away. Al-Fatiha #Share
His funeral might take place tomorrow, not confirmed yet. Join the below page to get latest updates of his funeral.

Update: Doctor says, there is no hope they have extended time for life support but he has non functional brain which can not be revived even though miracles happen plz keep him in your payers thank you

Waqas Hussain, 20, critically injured after a but hit him at Foleshill Road near the junction with Edmund Road earlier afternoon.

West Midlands Ambulance Service was called, when they arrived, Waqas Hussain was was in cardiac arrest, but paramedics managed to perform life saving treatment and restart his heart.

CPR and advanced life support was given to him, and they successfully managed to restart his heart again. He is taken to University Hospital where he is in a critical condition.

His family members and friends requested on social media to pray for Waqas Hussain for his quick recovery.

His cousin, Ahmed Khan said:

Please can everyone pray for my cousin Waqas who was hit by a bus in Coventry. His heart stopped and they had to restart it. It’s a life or death situation. And it’s critical.

Another Cousin Zoheb Iqbal said: Make dua (prayers) for my cousin Waqas Hussain

Areeba Iqbal said,

Please pray for my cousin brother waqas hussain in a critical condition hopefully to hear good news in the next few hours

Prayers are being said for a young boy Waqas Hussain of Coventry who is fighting for his life after he was hit by a bus as his heart stopped, every one is requested to please pray for him on this holy day of Friday and keep him in your Friday Prayers.

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