PPP Ministers demanded Barjees to resign as reject 6 billion Rs Bill

In a press conference attended by Latif Tahir, Chaudhry Yaseen, Pervaiz Ashraf, Ch Ali Shan Soni, Javaid Budhwani, Faisal Rathore, Javed Ayub, Mian Javed, Azhar Gillani, Akber Ibrahim, and many others were present, Bargees Tahir resignation demanded.

Latif Akber said that Barjees Tahir needs to hand in his resignation letter as soon as possible. He stopped the 6 Billion fund from being passes in Kashmiri Parliament. This act will not only hinder development in Kashmir but also is a sign of Barjees Tahir being an incompetent politician.

Nawaz Shreef need to take note Barjees’s Tahir bad political behavior and take appropriate action. Pre Poll Ranking will be used to pass an bill in parliament.

We eagerly await more details to see how PMLN internal politics pan out