PPP era of abuse will come to an end in AJK

The opposition party cannot stomach the idea of Workers Convention taking place on 13 January 2016. For them it marks the end of their career as oppressors and abusers of power in AK.

PML-N will finally show its power on 13 January 2016. All preparations for this fateful day are complete. Local leaders working in collaboration with youth committees have worked very hard to organize this function.

Lawyers forum Mirpur member Shujua Haider Lodhi Advocate said that God willing under the leadership of Raja Farooq Haider and Shah Gulam we shall see an undisputed victory in upcoming elections. And the era of Golden Governance shall begin. Mian Nawaz Sharif vision is to spread success and prosperity in every corner of AK. He appealed the people to not stay home on this fateful day but show their support by participating in Workers Convention at Quid-e-Azam stadium. The current leaders in power are not true to their posts.

The strength at Workers Convention will reveal how much the public supports PML-N and its ideologies.