PPP and PMLN collaboration? AK interests at stake!

Kainat Habib share her political views and question the workings of PPP and PMLN in Azad Kashmir.

PTI Azad Kashmir Women’s Committee member Kainat Habib said that Mirpur is the heart of Azad Kashmir. Not for nothing it has been dubbed mini London. The people of this area have undergone much hardship and suffering in the past. The graves of their forefathers are deep under the waters of Mangla Dam. Their sacrifices should not be disregarded but should be treated equally as any other citizen of Pakistan anywhere.

The PMLN and PPP working together in the region are serving their own interest and not those of the common man. The Majeed government only makes false announcements that new schools and colleges will be opened but is just a ruse to appease people. But now the community refuses to be hoodwinked any more. They want change. No need change.

In the upcoming election they shall show their dissatisfaction with the current political situation and hold these politicians accountable. Health, education, employment and other issues ae not being addressed. Instead these politicians are busy lining their own pockets with government funds. Whole city is dotted with underground pipelines that have yet to be installed. Clear indication how remiss and laid back the government has been past 5 years.

There is no electricity in summers and no gas in winters and yet “Bhutto Zinda Hai” praises are sung all the time. During election it was promised that sector Mia Muhammad town shall have gas pipeline. But one again promises were not fulfilled. Surprise surprise. PMLN attempts to gain stronger footing in Azad Kashmir by holding small rallies is not going to work. The outcome won’t be much different then it was in previous union elections.

Kainat Habib seemed very positive that PTI will form government in Azad Kashmir and actually do something about the issues.