Poor British Girls are Resorting to Use Socks as they can’t Afford Sanitary Towels or Tampons

Teachers have been left buying tampons for their students or arranging supplies to be brought in from charities, following the rise in truancy among teenage girls during their period, Charities told that the problem is happening in cities and rural areas across the country, with girls missing school or using makeshift protection if they’re on their period.

New research has shown that British girls from low-income families are missing school thanks to their periods, because they simply can’t afford tampons and pads.

Freedom4Girls, a charity based in Leeds, reportedly was contacted by a local school, who were concerned about the number of girls missing lessons.

A police officer working at a school in Leeds found out that a high number of female students were skipping school because they couldn’t afford period products. These girls often relied on teachers to provide them with tampons and pads, and ended up skipping when their teachers didn’t have supplies.

It’s an embarrassment that in the UK, girls are missing school because of their periods. We need to sort it out. The cost of sanitary products are just too much for some girls and their families, and it’s leading to missing school and it’s putting their health at risk.

Original News Source: Metro