Poonch District Predicted Election Results 2016

(LA-17 Poonch – I) LA-17 ABBASPUR Predictive Results 2016 Elections

In this constituency there are 3 big Birdaries, 1st “Gujjar Biradari” who are going to support Ch Yasin Gulshan of PMLN (he also won 2011 elections on PMLN Platform). 2nd “Dulli Birdari” who support Sardar Abdul Qayoom Khan Niazi of Muslim Conference. 3rd “Maldiyal Biradari” who are going support Sardar Asghar Afandi nominated by PTI and Sardar Amjid Yousaf nominated by PTI. So Maldiyal Biradari votes will get divided in PPP and PTI.

Remaining 5000 votes of “Sudhan Biradari” will decide who will win 2016 elections.

Predicted Winner from LA-17 ABBASPUR is Ch Yasin Gulshan Nominated by PMLN

LA-17 ABBASPUR Election Results 2011 LA-17 ABBASPUR Election Results 2016

(LA-18 Poonch – II) LA-18 HAJEERA Predictive Results 2016 Elections

Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan of PPP was strong candidate. While PMLN nominated Sardar Khan Bahadur Khan was on 2nd number. But recently High Court disqualified Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan of PPP (Speaker of AJK assembly in 2011) for taking double salary. So if he is disqualified from contesting Elections then Sardar Khan Bahadur Khan of PMLN will win. Otherwise Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan of PPP will win.

Predicted Winner from LA-18 HAJEERA is Sardar Khan Bahadur Khan Nominated by PMLN

LA-18 HAJEERA Election Results 2011 LA-18 HAJEERA Election Results 2016

(LA-19 Poonch – III) LA-19 RAWALAKOT Predictive Results 2016 Elections

Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan of JKPP is supported by PMLN, while Frazana Yaqoob daughter of president Sardar Yaqoob Khan is nominated by PPP. Both will face tough situation. Sardar Nayer Ayoub left Frazana Yaqoob is contesting election on PTI platform. But this is the one constituency where Imran Khan did not held any Jalsa. On other side in this constituency Muslim Conference has alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami. So Frzana Yaqoob’s vote will be divided by PTI.

Predicted Winner from LA-19 RAWALAKOT is Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Khan of JKPP alliance with PMLN

LA-19 RAWALAKOT Election Results 2011 LA-19 RAWALAKOT Election Results 2016

(LA-20 Poonch – IV) LA-20 THORAR/PAACHIOOT Predictive Results 2016 Elections

Sardar Siyaab Khalid (Sudhan) won 2011 Elections on Muslim Conference Platform, but in 2016 Elections MC issued ticket to Saghir Khan Chughtai while Sardar Siyaab Khalid is contesting as Independent. So Muslim Conference lost this seat. Sardar Mehmood Iqbal (Sudhan) of JKPP is supported by PMLN. PMLLN Alliance with JKPP in this constituency.

Sudhan is a big tribe in this constituency, Sardar Khalid Ibrahim (president of JKPP) hates Sardar Siyaab Khalid (Sudhan), who joined MC in 2011, and refused to take his support for his candidate Sardar Mehmood Iqbal (Sudhan). So Sudhan Tribes vote will get divided.

Predicted Winner from LA-20 THORAR/PAACHIOOT is Sardar Mehmood Iqbal (Sudhan) of JKPP alliance with PMLN

LA-20 THORAR/PAACHIOOT Election Results 2011 LA-20 THORAR/PAACHIOOT Election Results 2016