Political Activities of teachers have pushed the Educational System to destruction in Dadyal

Dadyal (Special Correspondent) Dadyal is at the top of the list in the whole Azad Kashmir in its deplorable and deteriorating academic and educational condition. The Revolutionary Educational slogans raised by the current Authorities and Local Minister of education are nothing but fake and useless. The unavailability and absence of staff is the reason for deterioration of education in Government Institutes. Instead of organizing Conferences and Photo-session the internal structure of these institutes should be improved.

Who will make concession, while the future of the students is at stake, due to undisciplined, politics loving teacher? Who will take notice of those teachers who stay home and receive salaries and the schools deteriorates in their absence?. Today in Girls College, Dadyal the number of students is about 900 but there is no proper place to sit and no lecturers, similar is the condition of many other schools.

According to a report, only in the District Dadyal the Educational sector is deteriorating, so much so that it is at the top of the list in this regard. Whereas, in other Districts of Azad Kashmir, the situation is opposite, they are progressing in the field of Education. Further scrutiny in the same report reveals the incompetent and unique steps taken in Dadyal to improve Education. Out of the dozens of High Schools only 20% have Science Classes, whereas there are some institutes in which there is a Science Laboratory but no Science Classes are held. Similarly the Middle and Primary Schools are running on very limited staff and PR.

The Local Minister for Education when visited Bihari Girls High School 1 year back on Public Complaints, he promised to see to the presence of on-duty but absent teachers in school and to suspend or transfer the Head Mistress from 20 years, immediately. But that promise has not been fulfilled till now. Maybe this is the Education Revolution. The Institutes of all 7 Union Councils are deteriorating and instead of organizing Photo sessions it’s time to take practical steps for betterment.