Policeman Attacked SHO in Fatehpur Thakyala

Fatehpur Thakyala: Policeman attacked SHO for taking over the position. He took the daily report book away from him and pointed a gun at him. SHO reported against him and asked for his suspension but his fellowmen advised him to ignore the matter.

According to reliable sources, SHO Zia Ullah asked the policeman, Gul Nawaz Chaudhry to join him for work but he refused to do his duty and attacked the SHO. He took the daily record book away from him as well and pointed a gun at him and also started fighting with him. It is also being heard that the SHO lost one of his teeth as well while fighting. Rest of the policemen tried to make things better and tried to make SHO ignore the matter. But he reported this to SP Kotli and requested him to take action against the police officer.