Police turning rogue! Motorcyclist accosted for no reason in street protest zealously

In Chowk Shaheedan, Fazal, wrongly assorted by the local police vehemently protest against police officers being discourteous to travelers.

Fazal was travelling on his bike when he was stopped by two police officers in street. They thoroughly searched him for any illegal substance he might be carrying on his person. However none were found. The rough and ready fashion with which the police searched Fazal angered him. Livid he protested in Chowk Shaheedan when the DSP Raja Zahir came to scene and mollifies Fazal.

This is classic example of misuse of power. The police was rude rough with Fazal because they were in a position of powder to do so. Haney Craig, Banks, Curtis, Zimbardo in their prison stimulation study revealed human mind being susceptible to power and acting in a certain way that the role entitles them to it even if it is at odds with their personality. In the study when common, everyday man was assigned role of prison guard he started acting like a prison guard. Being tough and inflicting pain upon the prisoners. So the actions of the police officers was more a result of how society expects them to act- i.e harsh and tough.

It is huge challenge for police officers and any other individual in a position of power to act in just and decisive way and not let crude thinking get in the way of their jobs. After all we can dispense with the crude, macho, unreasonable police officer but we cannot disregard a just, strong, justice serving policeman.