Police shut down an unregistered currency exchange business in Mirpur

The Police along with Muhammad Rafiq Mughal and Muhammad Jaungir Khan raid and shut down an illegal business thriving in our midst.

The National Action Plan calls for all currency exchange businesses to register themselves with the government. On the advice of State Commissioner Mirpur, Muhammad Rafiq Mughal, Muhammad Jahangir Khan and Police of Thothal raided an unregistered foreign exchange currency shop. This shop was located Chowk Shahdian,in Super Welfare F/1. It was previously named “Jerry Shop” but its name was later changed to “Al Ghani Electronics.”

Muhammad Rafiq Mughal said that all unregistered currency exchange shops were basically smuggling money which is punishable by law. He at the same time sent a message to all currency exchange business to register themselves with the government or they too shall be put out of business.

We applaud the police on their decisive action and hope they are successful in eradicating all such business that are running illegally.