Police Searched Bedroom of Muhammed Ruhaan, 7, after Gun Comments in School in Derbyshire

A 7 years old boy who made a silly comment at his school – saying he had seen a gun – sparked a police search on his family home.

Father Rizwan Munawar, 37, resident of Uppermoor Road, Allenton, said on Wednesday police searched at his 7 years old son’s bedroom and his wife’s wardrobe.

The police were called after a concerned teacher overheard 7 years old Muhammed Ruhaan chatting to pals at Landau Forte Academy Moorhead, in Alvaston, Derby, that he has seeing a gun during visiting in Pakistan.

Father Rizwan Munawar, 37, who is a taxi driver told He cannot believe this, We visited Pakistan in October last year and, at no point, were there any guns. Why on earth did the school tell the police about a silly comment. He’s only seven-years-old.

Police had searched the home and were looking for a gun. They searched everywhere. Bedroom of 7 years old was searched they looked at his toys and clothes were searched. They went through his dad and mom’s underwear drawers and our clothes in our wardrobes. They also went in the loft and the garden.

Police have confirmed they went to the house on Wednesday morning as the force “has to treat reports of firearms seriously.

Whie Scool Landau Forte Academy said: Under government guidance schools have a responsibility to act on concerning information. The primary aim to is to keep children safe, regardless of religion and ethnicity.

Original News Source: Derby Telegraph