Police Raid Brothel-Thothal and arrest a Couple

Brothel located in respectable neighborhood was raided by police. The guilty parties have been arrested by the police and a formal investigation has been launched against them.

Police station Thothal S.H.O-Rashid Habib along with A.S.I Waqar Ameen and D.F.C Kamaran Sadiq conduced this raid. This brothel was located in sector G1 residence area. The location was to lend some sort of respectability to the establishment and hide the true nature of the business. At the same time attract more wealthy clients. Grirl named (R) Daughter of Pervaiz Ahmed resident of G-1 was seen to have romantic relationship with local Motorcycle mechanic Abrar Hassain son of Sadiq Hassain resident of Barnala District Bhimber. He has been arrested from Hall Road Sector F3 Mirpur. According to him he paid 1500 Rs for the said lad’s services.

Old as time, prostitution as a profession has been a plague in our Islamic Society. The fact that such activities are being conducted in residential areas is frightening. We cannot imagine the horror parents must feel knowing their kids are exposed to such ugly world at such young age. We applaud the police on their quick and decisive action.