Police Personnel Involved in Shafaqat Ali Violence Case should be arrested

Mirpur ( 29 August2014, Bureau Report) The affected of Police Violence, Shafaqat Ali’s Family and other hundreds of Citizens Protested in Chowk Shaheedan for Justice, and demanded immediate legal action against the criminals. If the FIR is not registered within 72 hours the Protestors will do a Sit-In in Chowk Shaheedan.

According to details, The affected Shafaqat Ali s/o Liaquat Ali Resident of Islamgarh was assaulted under a fake accusation of theft, In which the Police Employees of Islamgarh and Police Station Thothal were involved, who assaulted Shafaqat Ali in the presence of his accusers and was subject to Inhumane torture.

An application against the incident has been given to the DC Mirpur, who has appointed DSP City for inquiry of the incident, while Shafaqat Ali was under medical treatment in DHQ Hospital. As till now no action has been taken against the criminals. Yesterday, Rights Protection Committee organized the protest in which harsh slogans were raised.

The protest took the shape of a procession as it traveled from Chowk Shaheedan to Supreme Court and reached the Kashmir Press Club.Here Amjad Janjua, Rizwan Karamat, CH faisal, Khaliq, Rashid Mehmood, Ch Adil Nawaz, Liaquat Ali and others addressed the mob and said that no one in any terms of life, possessions money is safe in this society in the presence of terrorizing factors. So both the torturers and those who called for this torture should be punished otherwise the public will never feel safe. The Protestors demanded to set the parameters for justice and if justice is not provided than protests will be held in Chowk Shaheedan along with ladies.