Police officer Raping a 22 years Black Boy with Baton during arrest in Paris

22-year-old, boy who has been identified as ‘Theo’ was arrested last Thursday by French police who raped him with Baton during arrest.

A police officer has been charged with rape after a 22-year-old boy was allegedly sodomised with a baton, a telescopic baton was allegedly inserted into the man’s **** passage.

The young boy was so badly injured that he required surgery on his injuries. The alleged victim was still ‘traumatised’ with a ‘severe wound’ in hospital. The 3 other officers involved have in turn been charged with ‘deliberate violence’. All face trial.

A march is planned though the estate today, and there are fears that it too could descend into violence. Police argue that Theo’s injuries are consistent with an accident, in which his tracksuit bottoms fell down and the baton penetrated him.

It was not until the patrol brought the man back to their station that they noticed he was bleeding, and called paramedics.

Brother-in-law of victim Johann told media that “He was there at the wrong time and came across some crooks”.

His sister Aurelie called for calm as supporters gathered outside her brother’s home on Monday holding banners reading ‘Justice for Theo’.

The local prosecutor’s office said the police had stopped a group of around a dozen people ‘after hearing calls characteristic of lookouts at drug dealing sites’.

When he resisted, they used tear gas, and ‘one of them used an expandable baton,’ the prosecutor’s office said, without giving further details.

Original News Source / for further reading : Daily Mail