Police Inspector and Lady Constable found drunk and got arrested in Mirpur

In jurisdiction of Mangla Police station, police found a Lady constable and her lover a Police inspector both drunk and recovered 3 liters of wine from their car. Police arrested them and put them behind bars.

Mehboob Rehman son of Muhammad Hussain resident of Purania Hattian, Mirpur and Iram Mustafa Daughter of Mustafa resident of sector C-3 were found drunk by Mangla Police station, who also recovered wine bottles from their 2oD Car.

Police put both Lady Constable and Police officer behind bars and started investigation of the case. After news broke, many political personalities tried to settle down the case with Mangla Police Station, but police refused to do so and despite the political pressure they locked the Drunk Love Coupe in lockup.

Police has started investigation of the case, and wine bottles which are being in possession of couple.

If a lady police who is supposed to handle the cases of women in police station, is found in such acts, how can we expect our women are safe ?

This is one of the main reason, people avoid complaining in Police Stations. As visiting Police station brings harassment and shame to the noble people in society.