Police destroy plant nursery in Officers Club

Opposite Quid-e-Azam Stadium is Officers Club which has housed plant nursery for a very long time. This nursery is famous for growing exotic and rare types of plants and trees. This beautiful heaven on earth is the go to place if one wishes to turn their backyard into a fairy tale meadow.

However once the lease was over, a battalion of police and district management descended and uprooted all plants, trees, storage areas using tractors in order to dispel the nursery.

Their barbaric raid left no pot unbroken and no tree uprooted. Nearby residents and PML-N member Chaudhry Tariq Farooq rushed to the scene but by that time, the aggressors had left the battlefield. Owner Kabir Ahmed had appealed the District Judge to extend the stay orders till 30 January 2016 so that alternate arrangements could be made. But district management had covered all tracks and blocked this request

Are we to applaud police and district management at their rough and ready method or condemn them for this ferocious attack?