Police Constable Raja Mustafa Javed killed in Cross Fire in Kakra Town

Unknown robbers killed the Police Constables and ran away in Car Number 474

Mirpur, Police Constable killed by firing from thieves. According to details, in the crossfire between Police and robbers, Constable Mustafa was killed in crossfire and he died on spot. Mustafa Javed was the son of Javed and was the resident of Kasgumma.

Police Constable Mustafa got a tip from an informer and stopped a suspicious car in Kakra Town at which the robbers opened fire. As a result of a bullet injury, constable Mustafa died on spot. The criminals were in the car

of number plate 474 and were successful in fleeing from the scene. The car passengers included 2 men, 1 women and a child.

According to sources, the robbers were stealing goats and loading them in the car when a witness saw them and informed the police. Police Constable Mustafa tried to stop the suspicious car 474 at the point of Kakra Town and as a result he died in cross fire.