Police arrested Samia Shahid’s Father and Cousin Ex Husband on Run

Grave of Samia Shahid in Pandori Jhelum

Grave of Samia Shahid in Pandori Jhelum

Police has arrested Samia’s father Ch Muhammad Shahid and her cousin Mubeen in suspicious murder of Samia Shahid. She was found dead in Pandori village Jhelum on 20 July 2016.

Today on Wednesday 27 July 2016 Mangla Police made arrest of Samia’s father Ch Muhammad Shahid and her cousin Mobeen, after police found difference in statements recorded by Samia’s family. Police has not decided to arrest Samia’s Mother and Sister.

DPO Jhelum Mujahid Akbar told media that case will lead after forensic reports are issued by laboratory, but according to investigation this is not natural death, it either suicide or murder. He further told that Samia was not divorced properly from her first husband Chaudary Muhammad Shakil son of Muhammad Altaf and Samia’s parents were not happy with the second marriage of Samia. As Samia’s second husband Syed Mukhtar Kazam is out of family and of different sect (Shia Muslim). As per some sources Samia also converted to Shia Sect and was practicing Shia Sect of her husband.

DPO told it seems that Samia came in Pakistan to reconcile with them agree them on her new relationship. DPO said investigation will start in right direction after medical reports and on arrest of Chaudary Muhammad Shakil.

Samia’s father Chaudary Muhammad Shahid during and interview with BBC URDU said he do not know Syed Mukhtar Kazim. He came to know about him just after death of Samia. Samia’s husband name is Chaudary Muhammad Shakil and she was living with him a happy life. She came to Pakistan on death of her Aunt and decided not to return back to UK.

Samia’s father told BBC URDU that he don’t know about sudden death of Samia, on 20th July when he visited In Laws of Samia he found her daughter on Stairs and her mouth was full of Saliva. He told he also want to know the cause of death of Samia.

While on other side Samia’s Second Husband Syed Mukhtar Kazim said he has proof of Samia’s messages in which she said her life in danger.

According to some sources, Samia’s Mother and Sister Fled to London while her Ex Husband in on Run. Interior Minister Pakistan took notice of Samia’s death and gave instruction to DPO to reveal the truth and bring the real facts of death.

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