Police arrested 3rd accused of ‘Engaged Couple Gang Rape Case’ in Bhimber

Bhimber (Bureau Report) Police arrested the third accused of the ‘Engaged Couple Gang Rape Case’ from Gurha Kheran village of Bhimber. The 30 bore pistol used in the crime was also recovered. According to the police, the incident occurred when the victim girl visited Gurha Kheran in April, 2013 to attend the wedding of her cousin.

It has also came to light that victim is the niece of the accused Qamar Fayyaz and Ejaz’s sister-in-law. The accuser’s family has asked for the girl’s hand in marriage. But girl’s family refused, to take revenge of rejection, the accused with his friend Jawad, at first raped the victim’s fiancé in her presence and then raped the girl in front of her fiancée at gunpoint.

The residents of the area have strictly condemned the incident and praised the efforts of S.P Bhimbur Ch. Ghulam Akbar and S.H.O Munir Ahmed in the arrests. They demanded strict punishments for criminals and to make an example out of them.