Police arrest drug dealers and confiscate drugs, weapons and wine

The police conducted raids and arrested many drug dealers confiscating their loot. The eea of drug dealers and drug lords will com to an end.

SHO Sohail Yousaf of Khoi Ratta and his subordinates in the past 9 months have confiscated 48 kg Chars or Hash and 445 bottles of wine and many weapons. The guilty parties that were arrested include 24 individuals escaped from police custody and 2 who were on run from court. They have been charged with murder, procession of illegal substances, arms and arrested.

These people include:

  • Muhammad Saeed from Marhuta who was found in procession of 2 kg of Hash and 275 bottles of wine.
  • Muhammad Arif from Bundali who had 9 kg 500g of Hash and 55 bottles of wine.
  • Muhammad Shocket from Bundali who had 3 kg of Chars.
  • Asfadyar, Amir Shehzad, Asim Khan and 14 kg high quality Chars was confiscated from them.
  • Ameen Khan had 6 kg of Hash.
  • Tariq Mehmood from Kaintheny, had 1 kg of Chars. Two cars TBQ088 and RLD8578 too were taken into police custody.
  • 3 Kalashnikov, 2 rifles with 14 rounds each, 10 pistols 30 rounds each, 79 Dana rounds, 1 pistol with 14 rounds and 5 bullets too have been confiscated.

Suffice to say we are very proud of our police and are deeply grateful for them for uprooting such evil living in our midst.