PMLN Workers Convention to be held on On 13 Jan 2016 in Mirpur

On 13 January 2016 Muslim league N workers Convention preparation are complete. The supporters have set up banners and posters all over the city decking it in PML-N colors.

This is the first ever Workers Convention that will be held in Mirpur. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the event. All across the city praises of PML-N can be heard. This event will be attended by Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Baltistan, Federal Minister of Information and Technology Pervaiz Rasheed, Railway Minister Saad Rafique, Assistant Coordinator Dr Asif Karmani who will gather in Quid-e-Azam stadium at 11 am. MSF-N, various youth committees will from all over the city will gather together at secretariat sector F/1 and then head as one to the jasla.

The city is abuzz with anticipation and eagerness.