PMLN worker died of Electricity Current in Islamgarh during Motocycle Rally

AJK Election 2016 Campaign took life of a PMLN young man in Islamgarh during a motorcycle rally. Party Flag waving on motorcycle hit electricity wires and took life a PMLN worker.

According to details, A motorcycle rally by PMLN supporters was organized in Islamgarh at 2:00 PM on 18 July 2016. Where 100s of motorcyclist were present some with silencer less and others with Party Flags on their motorbikes.

Rally was passing through Rara, Junaid Raoof and Shahid Rehmani were riding on motorcycle. Junaid Raoof was driving while Shahid son of Muhammad Nazir resident of old Islamgarh was holding a party Flag on back seat. His flag hit the wire hanging on road and he received a electricity shock and died on spot while driver Junaid Raoof received minor injuries.

In Picture you can see Shahid Rehmani with a huge Flag on Motorcycle.

Shahid Rehmani who died in Islamgarh during rally

Shahid Rehmani who died in Islamgarh during rally

Sudden death of young boy during rally sadden the atmosphere and a large number of people gathered on spot.

May Allah Rest his soul in peace and give family members to beat such a great loss.